The hero of
my own story...

The hero of my
own hero's journey...

Before I began this work, I struggled my way through what most people would consider an impressive life. Finding my self worth in external achievement, I became an elite athlete in ice hockey and baseball, graduated from a top ranked university, started two multimillion dollar businesses by 25 and worked with some of the most world renowned music artists, brands and celebrities. Despite the success, I hit a rock bottom in 2016 that revealed an aspect of myself that I had been running from since childhood. It was a force so powerful that it wiped out everything I had built, like a cataclysmic natural disaster, leaving my life in shambles. With nowhere left to run, I embarked on a courageous, yet terrifying, inner journey of transformation that took me through the depths of my deepest wounds and brought me face-to-face with the toxic patterns that sabotaged me behind the scenes. Eventually, the journey led me to discover my unique life’s purpose and help me understand its intimate relationship to my wounds. Something I had been looking for outside of myself for so long had been hiding beneath the part of me that I had been running from, all along. This realization fundamentally shifted my life and revealed my mission: to help others reclaim their authentic power and awaken to their unique life’s purpose.


Work with me

Work with me

Regardless of whether you’re picking yourself up from rock bottom, feel stuck in any area of your life or struggling to take your business to the next level, I can assure you that all that stands in your way is YOU. While this is an empowering truth, we simply cannot get out of own way when left to our own devices. I help people and entrepreneurs, like yourself, identify and transcend the patterns that are preventing them from achieving their greatest potential.

Beneath every challenge and limitation that we face are underlying beliefs that have helped us create our present realities. This can work both for and against us. Our beliefs can single-handedly determine whether we achieve our fullest potential or suffer through a life of continued disappointment. However, shifting our beliefs isn’t as simple as changing our mindset. We’ve all experienced some degree of emotional trauma and conditioning throughout our lives, which have given rise to every belief we have about ourselves and the outside world. For many of us, these experiences have created deep emotional wounds that are at the root of our present challenges and self-imposed limitations. While it may seem effective to push these wounds “out of sight, out of mind”, I must tell you that it’s costing you your happiness, love life, health, wealth, success and everything else you desire. Most importantly, it’s preventing you from discovering and thriving in your life’s purpose.

My mission is to create a safe space for my clients, so that I can empathetically guide them into the depths of their emotional wounds and provide them with the tools to successfully shift the patterns that are keeping them stuck.

I want to help you free yourself from the limitations keeping you from living your fullest potential

Transformation Coach | Conscious Business Consultant | Storyteller | 4x Founder